Introducing the Super Medics®

The Super Medics team guide learners through their First Aid courses, introducing Tom, Sarah, Pippa and Charlie,
coming to the help of those who need it throughout Super Medics First Aid Courses.

For Schools & Teachers

We offer a variety of teaching packs for schools (KS1, KS2 and above) or we can come and teach for you, whether you want an assembly, a workshop or a full day of enrichment activities.



For Groups & Sports Clubs

Whether you are a Brown Owl, Section Leader, Sports Coach or other children's group/club leader, Super Medics provides a fun, engaging, way to deliver basic first aid knowledge to your children.

After School & Holiday Clubs

Whether it's term time or not, Super Medics has been set up so it can be taught in modules. Each with their own engaging learning activities.



Get involved, join us!

Do you want to give children the confidence to deliver first aid & help save someone's life? We're building a national network of instructors.

What does Super Medics cover ?

Calling an Ambulance

What to expect when you call 999. How to get the help needed and what you can do to help an injured person whilst you are waiting for help to arrive. 

Common Injuries

What to look out for when you find someone you think is injured. How to find out more about what has happened and examples of questions to ask to find out more.

CPR & Defibrillators

What to do in the case of a cardiac arrest. How to carry out the necessary checks before you start CPR, what to do during CPR and how to use a defibrillator (AED).

Helping a Casualty

What happens when the ambulance arrives, how to update people on what you’ve done to look after an injured person and how you can continue to help.

and much more about basic physiology and first aid...

Why choose Super Medics?

Like the best things created, Super Medics was born out of necessity. Super Medics’® author, Hannah Alsbury-Morris, wrote the course as there wasn’t anything informative & engaging of the standard she required when she wanted to start teaching First Aid to Children.  

As an Ambulance Service CFR Tutor, and an experienced First Responder Team Leader, Hannah used her knowledge and the support of healthcare professionals such as Paramedics and Paediatric A&E Nurses to develop the course. Super Medics is written by people who all have hands-on experience of treating patients in response to both paediatric and adult emergency 999 calls. 

Throughout the development of Super Medics we’ve consistently involved Key Stage 2 pupils in the development of our workbook. All medical text in the Super Medics book has the oversight of a registered Paramedic & their many years of clinical experience. 

2020 National Curriculum Requirements

All our Super Medics courses not only meet, but exceed, the requirements of the new 2020 National Curriculum Requirements for Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education in England. We have designed course content around the relevant Key Stage year groups to ensure that Children have the knowledge and skills needed to be confident in their actions and to help save a life, should the need ever arise.

Get involved, join us!

We're building a national network of Super Medics Instructors. Do you want to teach children life saving skills? Help give them the confidence to act in someone's moment of need? Do you want to be part of the Super Medics team? Whether you already have a First Aid qualification or not, we have routes to get you started, get in touch with us today to find out more.