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After School & Holiday Clubs

Super Medics has two fantastic after school clubs available for registered instructors, schools and clubs. We have Super Medics After School Club and Super Medics Super Science. These are aimed at Keystage 2 children (aged 7 -11), and are split into five, one hours sessions. Please see the details below on each club. These clubs can also be taught as a full day club, and adjusted to suit Individual needs. All learners receive personalised certificates and t-shirts upon completion of their course.

Super Medics After School Club

Our 5 week after school club is composed of five, one hour sessions, teaching learners the important of early first aid, and how it can be used to save a persons life. Have you ever had to call an ambulance? How did it make you feel? This course teaches learners how to provide early first aid and get help while keeping safe. Through role play and group lessons, learners gain confidence in completing first aid, calling an ambulance, completing CPR and using AED’s (automatic external defibrillators). We use real training AED’s in our sessions so that learners can practice putting the pads onto manikins, and learn what to do in a medical emergency. The sessions are broken down into the following one hour modules:

  • Calling for an ambulance, DRS ABC (danger, response, shout for help, airway, breathing, CPR), first aid kits, helping a person who is unwell or injured
  • Caring for both a responsive and an unresponsive Person, CPR and AED’s
  • Helping someone who is choking, injured, burnt themselves or is in shock
  • Medical conditions to include asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy
  • Scenario practice and demonstration to teachers / parents followed by the award ceremony to include personalised certificate and a Super Medics t-shirt.

Super Medics Super Science (coming soon!!)

Super Medics Super Science is a 5 week after school science club. Learners will explore the human body through play and practical experiments each week. This club is designed to enhance our learning of first aid, by explaining how our bodies work and giving all children the opportunity to experiment and ‘get messy’! All learners will be provided with lab coats, safety glasses and gloves to use (when needed|). Learners will receive personalised certificates, a heart squishy and a Super Medics Super Science t-shirt upon completion of the course. Our 5 weekly one hour sessions are composed of the following modules:

  • Our Hearts – How they work and where are they located within our body. Listen to our own heart sounds using a stethoscope and find our radial pulse. Discover the components of blood. Experiment 1: In pairs, make a pint of (fake) blood and create a beating heart. Learners will discover how the heart pushes blood around the body and how the valves in our heart only allow blood to travel in the correct direction.
  • Brains – How they work and how our body protects them. Learners will explore the human brain, learning about the different areas and what they are responsible for. Two experiments will promote this – Experiment 1: Learners individually make and label mini brains. These are for the learners to keep and take home. Experiment 2: The whole class to make a life size human brain, discover it’s consistency and understand why a skull is needed for protection!
  • Our digestive system – Learn what it is made up of and why. Learn about why we need food And water what happens after we have a meal. Experiment 1: Discover what happens to a banana 5 minutes after it has been eaten. Experiment 2: Learners to make (balloon) stomachs and what happens when certain food groups mix together.
  • Skeletons, bones and muscles – Learners will discover how many bones we have in our bodies and why they are important. They will learn about muscles, tendons and ligaments and work with George, our friendly skeleton. Experiment 1: In pairs complete an exercise making hands (rubber gloves) with and without bones to learn why bones are so important for movement.
  • Our Lungs – what are they and their role within the body. Discover how they work together with the heart to bring fresh oxygen to our cells throughout our bodies and remove the unwanted byproduct, carbon dioxide. Experiment: – Learners to make their own mini set of lungs to help demonstrate how we actually breathe.

For more information on our after school clubs, or if you would like an instructor to run Super Medics at your school or club please contact us today for a chat with our friendly team.