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A First Aid Book for Kids: The Super Medics!

The Super Medics team guide learners through their First Aid courses, introducing Tom, Sarah, Pippa and Charlie, coming to the help of those who need it throughout Super Medics First Aid Book and Courses. 

topics Covered

Calling an Ambulance

What to expect when you call 999. How to get the help needed and what you can do to help an injured person whilst you are waiting for help to arrive.

Common Injuries

What to look out for when you find someone you think is injured. How to find out more about what has happened and examples of questions to ask to find out more.

CPR & Defibrillators

What to do in the case of a cardiac arrest. How to carry out the necessary checks before you start CPR, what to do during CPR and how to use a defibrillator (AED).

Helping a Casualty

What happens when the ambulance arrives, how to update people on what you’ve done to look after an injured person and how you can continue to help.

Free preview

We’ve compiled a few pages of the book to be previewed. The full book is available to pre-order.

Why i wrote the book...

Through my work with my local Ambulance Service and as a mother of two young children, I became aware that young people are in need of vital life-saving skills. Kids love learning first aid skills through the Super Medics course and it’s great to see their confidence in these new found skills developing. I wrote the Super Medics book because there wasn’t an engaging first aid book for kids and I felt they really needed one, my kids and their friends love it.

Hannah Alsbury-Morris, Founder & MD

Readers say

“Read the book…I loved it… I learnt things I didn’t know.”

Tim Arthur, BBC Radio London

Super Medics
A First Aid Book for Kids

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