Teaching Resources

Here at Super Medics we’ve tried to develop a number of Teaching Resources to help children learn First Aid in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Throughout the development of these teaching resources we’ve actively engaged Key Stage 2 pupils to gain their input, so we know that they are both interested in learning the subject, and enjoy the process of learning about First Aid.

What is First Aid?

This teaching resource contains information on the basic principles of First Aid, what we mean by using certain words and the basics of the process of managing First Aid treatment of a casualty.

Calling an ambulance

This teaching resource is focused on what to expect when calling for help from the emergency services, the information that you will be asked for and what help you can get from the call taker.


This teaching resources is focus on the acronym DRS ABC (Danger, Response, Shout for Help, Airway, Breathing, CPR/Call for an Ambulance) which is critical knowledge for any child.


This teaching resources is focused on the use of defibrillators. It shows how to use a defibrillator and the differences in use between adults and children.

First Aid Kits

This teaching resources provides information on first aid kits, what to look out for, what should (and shouldn’t) be in your first aid kit. It also helps children to understand why some items are kept.

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